About Me

A girl and her dog (Indie and me)

Hi, I’m Rylee! I work full time in IT Sales and am also a student at Utah State University pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Human Development and Family Studies. I have an entrepreneur spirit and have my own businesses with 2 different MLMs. With Pure Romance I help educate and empower women and the LGBTQ community regarding their sexuality and will soon be certified in Sexual Health Education. I also help people reach their health and wellness goals with Herbalife.

I have had quite the journey with my mental health receiving my first diagnosis of Anxiety in 2015 at 19 years of age, about a year an half later in 2016 I was diagnosed with PTSD from the same primary care doctor. Eventually while going through my divorce in 2019 I was hospitalized for what I now know to be a manic episode, and received my other 2 diagnoses of Bipolar 1 and Depression and the previous 2 were now officially diagnosed by psychiatrist. By the age of 23 I was hospitalized for and diagnosed with PTSD, Bipolar 1, Anxiety, and Depression.

I have spent over 2 years in therapy seeking treatment and figuring out the right med combination. When COVID happened I was hospitalized for a second time and when I got home I decided to make some drastic changes. Since then I have started sharing my story via social media and have been surprised with the support I have met. Many people’s story resonated with mine and have encouraged me to share, so I have. I started this blog at the request of many people and if there’s a chance my story can help even just one person on their journey, then I’ll keep sharing.

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