The Miami Coalition


The Miami Coalition for a Safe and Drug Free Community is the leading agency in Miami-Dade for drug-free awareness and prevention since 1988.  You will find a data-driven community action plans focused on addressing the overwhelming majority of our children and youth to remain drug-free through their youth and into adulthood.  We collaborate to develop healthy, educated and drug free youth, being raised in strong families, safe communities and sustainable environments.  We help guide and educate the public on resources and programs to promote a drug-free community at the neighborhood level. You are invited to read, to learn, to join and to become part of this community movement to increase the health, wellness and opportunities of our children, youth, families and communities.   We encourage grassroots stakeholders to implement our programs into their youth groups and school awareness campaigns.


The State Attorney’s Office, Mothers’ Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and The Miami Coalition for a Safe and Drug Free Community (TMC) are partnering to prevent substance abuse and alcohol and other impaired driving.  This exciting new partnership will provide innovative and evidence based substance abuse prevention programs and strategies that are the foundation of a sustained public health and wellness community model.

The prevention efforts will focus on six general strategies that include education, intervention and collaborative support with law enforcement.  Reducing individual, family and community risk factors by changing knowledge, attitudes, circumstances and environments that lead to behavior change will also be a focus.  The main goals of the partnership will be accomplished through leveraging and enhancing existing prevention efforts and strategically supplementing the work of prevention and intervention focused community providers.

The Miami Coalition
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