Signs of Teen Drug Use

Signs of Teen Drug Use

Children always come with some sense of worry for parents since birth, but a huge worry when they are teenagers is keeping them on a path away from drugs. Having open communication with your teen is key, but sometimes those channels are not so clear and you will need to familiarize yourself with Signs of Teen Drug Use that may provide insight as to if your teen is using drugs.

 Signs of Teen Drug Use

Some signs are more obvious than others such as possession of the drug itself or drug paraphernalia. Marijuana is fairly distinctive in smell and appearance, where as specific pills may be harder to identify. Use available resources such as the internet to research any symbols you may see on any pills you may find. This can help you identify if the are prescription pills and what type or pill they are. Paraphernalia such as pipes, tin boxes, syringes, burnt spoons, etc. are causes for concern. If you encounter any of these signs, its time to ask your teen about it.

Learn Signs of Teen Drug Use

Pay attention to behavior patterns and ask yourself some of the following questions:
• Is your teen acting different, evasive to questions or answers or simply avoiding you?
• Does your teen have rapidly changing grades?
• Does your teen have a glazed expression or is acting less communicative or distant?
• Is you teen hanging out with a different crowd?
• Is your teen abandoning friends, social activities or sport activities?
Are items or money going missing in your home? This could be a sign of your teen funding his or her habit.

These could all be signs of addiction or could be linked to other factors, but you know your child best, so be aware of any sudden changes in their behavior. Drugs and alcohol exist and teenagers are exposed to them and engage in conversations with other peers that may spark their interest. Be aware of the signs and don’t be naive to think that your child will never be exposed to it. It can be a challenging conversation to have with your teen, but think about the repercussions that could occur if the conversation or conversations never occur.


Teen Drug Use Statistics

Below are some of the statistics that the US government and other independent surveys have reported over the past couple of years:
• Almost 50% of high school seniors have abused a drug of some kind.
• 68.1% of high school seniors don’t view smoking marijuana as harmful.
• Marijuana and alcohol are the most commonly abused drugs among teenagers.
• By 8th grade, 15% of children have used marijuana.
• 7.6% of teenagers use the prescription drug Adderall.
• 64% of teenagers said they’ve used prescription painkillers they got from a friend or family member.
• 28% of teenagers know at least one person who has tried ecstasy.
• Nearly 44% of high school students know a classmate who sells drugs.