Power of You(th)

Power of Youth

You may have heard the phrase “Stand for what’s right, even if you’re standing alone.” But when it comes to taking a stand against underage drinking and underage drug use, you’re NOT alone. Plenty of teenagers are taking a stand against drugs and alcohol. In fact, Two out of three teens don’t drink alcohol? That means the majority of your peers choose to stay alcohol free, and there is power in numbers!
 Embrace the Power of Youth and make a personal pledge and pact with your friends to stay drug free, will not drink until the age of 21, and you will never ride with a drinking or drunk driver. These smart choices will keep you and your friends safe and minimize the chances of being affected by the dangers of drinking and driving.

To find out how to take a stand against teen drinking, find other teens who are being true to themselves, and to get involved, check out our Events Page! Read our blog article offering tips and advice on how to say no.

You can also read about real-life consequences and tips on how to say no to peer pressure around teen drinking by checking out this free teen booklet or by visiting madd.org.

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Power of Youth

Be Imaginative!

Imagine us empowering your group of teens to learn how to take a stand against underage drinking and drug abuse.  The teen years may be a confusing and difficult time, but one thing is clear, teens are faced with decision making opportunities every day. We want to empower them, through education, on ways that they can choose not to take part in underage drinking or drug use. And our programs are fully customizable to be able to reach your teen.