Power of Parents

Power of Parents

Did you know that teen alcohol use is responsible for more deaths and injuries among youth than all other illegal drugs combined? Let’s exercise the power of parents and lead by example taking the pledge to be alcohol and drug free!

It is important that parents know what the signs are of a teen that is using drugs or alcohol. It is also extremely important that parents talk with their teens about not only underage drinking, but also the dangers and consequences of drinking and driving.

MADD – Mothers Agains Drunk Driving

Mother Against Drunk Driving’s “Power of Parents” middle school and high school handbooks provide tools to have intentional and ongoing conversations about alcohol, set family rules, and enforce consequences. It also details how to Young brains are still developing into the early 20’s. By reading these handbooks and following the guidelines, parents can substantially reduce the chance that their son or daughter will drink and suffer life-altering consequences before the age of 21.
“My daughter Olivia didn’t wake up one day desiring to be an alcoholic and addict and lose her life at 21. That came about from the friends and choices she made,” said a mother who lost her daughter due to alcohol. To read Olivia’s story, sign up for a free Mother Against Drunk Driving “Power of Parents” handbook here.

Visit madd.org/powerofparents and download the free Power of Parents handbooks today, sign up for virtual webinars and more.

Talking with Kids and Teens About Alcohol

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Are you a school PTA leader, a school principal or a teacher?

Maybe you are a Pastor or Youth Group leader at your church?  Perhaps you are a coach,  the team mom or the league’s administration for a youth sports group?  Maybe you are a mom or dad looking for ways to help guide you in the conversation of drugs and drinking?

Our Power of Parents program will help you understand your teen’s world.  It will guide you on ways to talk with your teen no matter your personality style.  We’ll coach you on getting the conversation started and real tools to help empower your teen to listen and succeed in the world of good choices.

You’ll leave the meeting energized to share and enroll your sons and daughters in the Power of YOU(th) program.  Submit a request form to enroll your parent group today or call us for more information.

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