Drug Free Community

“Drug Free Community”

Teen safety is a shared concern among the parents. Businesses, parents, and students need to work together towards a common goal. The goal is to create an environment where teens can learn in a safe, drug free community. This generation of youth faces new adversities in the realm of substance abuse. Marijuana is becoming legal in several states across the country and the current opioid epidemic is killing tens of people daily. It seems like it’s becoming increasingly difficult to create drug free communities in South Florida. However, that shouldn’t stop you, or anyone else from trying to protect our teens from alcohol and drug abuse. It’s important that we use the community resources available to engage with our teens through outreach and ongoing conversations.

Make South Florida A Drug Free Community

Fortunately, there are government funded programs like the DFC (Drug Free Communities). Programs like DFC provide grant funding for opportunities for communities. The purpose of these grants is to help identify and respond to local drug and alcohol abuse problems. Consequently, the DFC recognized that the drug problem in America needed to be addressed at the local level first. In order to be successful change would have to be embraced by the majority of the community. Programs like these play a vital role in the creation of drug-free communities across the country. In Conclusion, there are a number of different approaches/strategies that we can deploy while tackle drug and alcohol abuse. We’ve listed a few of them below:

  • Create a drug free community website that is consistently kept up to date.
  • Distribute education fliers/brochures to all members of the community.
  • Use community activities to give kids alternative activities to participate in.
  • Hold community seminars and/or training sessions.
  • Weekly/Monthly community meetings
  • Create alcohol and tobacco compliance checks
  • Advocate for new/tougher legislature
  • Launch local public awareness campaigns
  • Leverage Public service announcements
drug free community