The Hidden Dangers of Designer Drugs

Designer Drugs & The Hidden Dangers Designer drugs or the term “party drug” refers to a variety of drugs that are typically found, and used, at dance clubs and house parties. These drugs are sometimes also referred to as “designer drugs” because they are typically...

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Sippin Lean Looks Cool…Until It Isn’t!

Sippin Lean Looks Cool…Until It Isn’t! Sippin lean in flat out dangerous. We’ve heard the rap lyrics and seen the pictures of some of the entertainment industry’s top artist(s) “sippin sizzurp”, “sippin lean”, and “sippin on good drank”. “Lean” is a mixture of the...

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Trends in Drug Use & The Dangers: Flakka

Drug Use Trends & The Dangers: Flakka Drug use trends show synthetic drugs on the rise. By now, many of you have heard about the synthetic designer drug “Flakka”, or, “Gravel” as it’s known in many parts of the country because of its white crystal chunks that have...

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