Dangerous teen vaping

Dangerous Teen Vaping Trends

Dangerous Teen Vaping Trends

Dangerous teen vaping trends are up and while teens smoke cigarettes at a lower rate than years past, another product that has taken its place. E-cigarette use is on the rise. Mostly due to the ability to flavor tobacco with an array of fruity flavors and the type of smoke released. In addition to the flavors, teens also like vaping because it emits a lot of smoke. There are actually competitions on who can exhale better or more smoke. As teens do, they have now begun to push vaping limits and are practicing dangerous new vaping methods. As a result, new vaping trends are increasing the dangers linked with vaping and toxic exposures.

Dripping Vape Method Dangerous?

Through experimentation, there’s now new ways to vape. One method called “dripping” is gaining popularity among teens. Studies have found that one out of every four high school teens who has vaped has also tried “dripping”. “Dripping” is a dangerous new way of vaping and teens like it. Vape liquid is dropped directly onto the hot coils within the vaping device, hence, making thicker smoke. According to a recent study by www.Pediatrics.org . Sixty four percent of teens say that they use “dripping” to get a thicker smoke. Almost forty percent said that they “drip” for better taste.

What makes “dripping” so dangerous? Normally, when using an e-cig, liquid is slowly released from a wick onto a hot atomizer. As a result, vapor is expelled rather than smoke. Through “dripping”, users are exposed to higher nicotine levels and can be exposed to several toxins. Additional toxins may include carcinogens like formaldehyde and acetaldehyde.

E- Cig Popularity Grows Among Teens

E-cigarette products are becoming popular among teens. Most teenage e-cigarette users say that they don’t use other tobacco products. Consequently, some teens have taken advantage of this trend using vaping devices to smoke marijuana oils and waxes undetected. Since marijuana derivatives can be used in vape devices and pens, parents need to be vigilant. What your teen says is non-nicotine vape juice, may be THC liquid used for getting high. In conclusion, if you allow your teen to use vape devices, be sure to know what is being used in the device. Flavored vape liquid have a strong smell. Flavors and smell range from fruity, like gum or candy smell to things like cake flavors. Marijuana derivatives, or oil, doesn’t have a sweet smell at all. It has little to no smell and will give off an earthy odor.

Speak candidly and without judgement to your teens about dangerous teen vaping. Most of all, be prepared to listen. Avoid the  feeling to overreact. If you suspect that your teen is abusing drugs or alcohol, please know that there is help available. You can start right here on our site.

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