Ultra Music Festival Safety Information

BTru2U – Ultra Music Festival Safety Information

It’s almost that time of year again where the music will be as lively as ever in South Florida. BTru2U, MADD and the Miami Coalition want to remind you to have fun, but most importantly, please make sure that you make good decisions and stay safe.

While at the music festival, please make sure to work your way towards the DanceSafe Organization program and educate yourself with the services that they will be providing before hitting the dance floor. Their informational health discussions will help you make better lifestyle choices while you’re partying and having fun. Here are some of the services they will be providing for party goers:
• Free ear plugs
• Fact based information on drug effects
• Free water to prevent dehydration and heatstroke
• Educated conversations about health, drug use, and safety
• Nonjudgmental first-point of contact for risky or challenging situations
• Drug checking service to prevent overdose

The Electronic Music Alliance will also be there, overlooking the festival to make sure that all of the event attendees are safe and far from harm’s way. They promote safety among the EDM community in hopes of preventing the types deaths and tragedies that have occurred during past music festivals. Like you, they also love to have fun at these events. However, while everyone is enjoying themselves, they will be there to promote the responsibilities that you have as a partygoer to be as civil and socially responsible as possible.

The Mutual Aid Response Service will be at Ultra Music Festival also to provide risk management services during the event. They will be attending to make sure the party goers receive any necessary medical assistance for onsite emergencies. They are committed to supporting the event goers and helping your fellow music lovers stay away from any potential accidents that could occur during the event. MARS will there as well, providing fire services in the case of any first response emergencies.

We want you to stay informed and safe during the days of the upcoming music festivals. While at these events, always make sure that you are aware of your surroundings. Do not take any drinks or pills that someone may offer you. Pills like molly and ecstasy are often portrayed in the media as a popular cause of death during electronic music festivals. So remember that you are there to have fun, but you also have an obligation, and responsibility, to keep yourself and others safe. By becoming better educated about what these substances are, and what they can do to your body, it will help to deter you from wanting to use drugs and/or alcohol. Please, do not hesitate to rely on the services that these organizations are there to provide to you if you need them. It might just mean the difference between life or death.

It is possible to enjoy yourself at Ultra, and the other large music festivals, without having to use drugs or drink alcohol. Just make smart decisions and stay safe while you are doing it.